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Wagner Tubas

Wagner Tuba Picture

The Vermont Wagner Tuba Quartet. Left to right: Helen Read, Marti Walker, Bruce McRae, Bill Karstens. Helen and Marti are on the bass tubas, Bruce and Bill on the tenor tubas.

Horn Quartets, Played on Wagner Tubas

When we got the Wagner tubas, we thought it would be helpful to play some familiar horn quartet music for warm-ups, and just to get a feel for the instrument. On horns we use Four-Part Bach Chorales (Breitkopf edition) for warm-ups, so we picked out a couple of those, plus two classic horn quartets.

The clips were recorded at our practice sessions in March - April 2008. There were other people in the house some of the time, so you might notice some background noise.

Also check out the audio clips of us playing Symphony No. 7 by Anton Bruckner with the Green Mountain Mahler Festival. We've also got some videos.